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Our Core Services

Our Core Services


Our partnerships with top financial players benefit our clients through flexible finance options, including full maintenance leasing.

Because we have agreements multiple financial institutions, we can negotiate the best interest rates for you.

All savings are passed back to the client.

Fleet Efficiency

58SLAM is our interactive, online, real-time advance system that captures, configures, measures, reports and maintains detailed information.

We use 58SLAM to give you precise metric results with hands-on management in key aspects of your fleets efficiency.

Vehicle Disposal

We are the biggest dealer group in South Africa, which means we can sell, trade and auction vehicles while getting the best residual value for you.

58SLAM (Service Level Agreement Management system)

We use our cutting-edge 58SLAM system to maintain our partnership with you – we use it to furnish you with hands-on and immediate management capabilities for your fleet.


We are able to service and maintain all meaningful truck and car brands.