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We’ve Got Your Back

We’ve Got Your Back

Supplier fleet support + -
We have a national supplier database, to assist you timeously – anywhere in South Africa.

Our process is tried-and-tested and our team runs like a well-oiled machine. We authorize over 32 000 maintenance events per month through our call centres.

All OEM-franchised dealers are represented on our system, so we can assist you with all makes and models in your fleet.

Our service providers have to pass a high barrier of entry to work with us. We assess them thoroughly and only the most skilled and experienced are added to our system to serve you.

We follow the BBBEE codes of good practice by sourcing suppliers who are fully compliant.

Accident support + -
Quotes from a certified assessor are available at your request.

In case of an accident, we’ll dispatch medical support if needed and help your staff to reach the nearest place of safety.

We’ll arrange to have the vehicle towed to the closest certified repair shop and we’ll obtain three quotes for your approval.

Our team issues tracking reports to support your insurance claim.

We have a network of approved national repair shops and assessors available on our system, to give you access to the highest quality assistance.

Our accident support call centre is available 24/7

Breakdown support + -
The welfare of your staff is our first priority – we will arrange for them to be taken to a safe area or your own depot if the vehicle cannot be repaired on-site.

We will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest approved dealer if it cannot be repaired at the scene of the breakdown.

Our breakdown support call centre is available 24/7.

Call logging for accidents and breakdowns + -
All calls made to our call centre are recorded to ensure the highest quality service to you.

We log calls and issue a reference number to each caller, to help you track the progress of your query.

Accident management: We’ll happily facilitate towing for you once we agree on the destination.

A working relationship with drivers + -
We are serious about knowing our customers – we view executives and drivers as equally important.

Our driver training programmes improve driver skills, teach accident and hijack prevention and on-road courtesy.

Drivers receive a driver-tag linked to the tracking system (if tracking is included in your contract) and each driver is measured and scored.

The best drivers will be rewarded on a quarterly basis, (provided that we can regularly and actively engage with drivers) resulting in better driver habits and less downtime for your fleet.

New fleet deployments and terminations + -
We consult and engage with you through fleet health reviews each quarter, where we track usage against the parameters of your contract.

In consultation with you and your routing-and-scheduling vendor, we can decide on restructures to get the best results out of your fleet.

We will contact you four months before termination of a vehicle with a quote for a new one. Once you accept the quote, the new vehicle will be ordered with the accessories and body conversion as required.

While the new vehicle is on its way, we will do a pre-termination inspection on the old vehicle, to determine its current state and value.

Once the new vehicle is ready for delivery, we will schedule a date that suits you for handover of the new vehicle and termination of the old one.

Once you accept the new vehicle, we’ll do a final termination inspection on the old vehicle and remove it from your site for disposal via the wholesale or retail market.