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Top-notch Maintenance for Old and New Fleets

Top-notch Maintenance for Old and New Fleets

Our maintenance strategies are ahead of the curve to make sure your fleet keeps running like clockwork.

Maintenance plans + -
All products we quote for have an original OEM service warranty. We go further and upgrade this to an extended warranty with services, maintenance and tyres included.

All vehicles are serviced by OEM-approved dealers.

All services are covered by the Full Maintenance Lease (FML). The FML forms part of your monthly instalment and is in line with the Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association fair wear-and-tear guide.

Vehicle swopping + -
Thanks to our 58SLAM system, we improve vehicle uptime, product delivery and reduce the need for rental vehicles.

58Fleet can track vehicle usage and propose swops between depots, e.g. swopping a high usage vehicle for one with lower use.

Fleet cleaning + -
We are passionate about going green. We use green cleaning technology to benefit the environment while saving you money.

Waterless Pro Wash helps protect the environment because it uses no water (other than in the compound) and adds no harmful soap and salt to drains or water systems.

Fleets only need to be washed bi-monthly for it to look like the vehicles just received a fresh valet.

Preventative maintenance + -
We have set up Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with all suppliers (OEM and independent) to ensure tyres are inspected at each service or maintenance event. A maintenance authorisation immediately prompts us to request a tyre report.

58Fleet conducts fleet inspections (every six months) as a standard feature during the contract, to make sure the vehicle is maintained and remains fully functional. This inspection includes:
Exterior body

Windscreens and windows

Tyres (we use our tyre vendors to conduct frequent tyre reports for each depot)