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More Value

More value

More value

More value

Tons of Value with 58Fleet

Tons of Value with 58Fleet

Reduced business continuity risks + -
You benefit from our in-depth understanding and experience in running outsourced fleets.

Technical and back office capability keeps your fleet running smoothly – our high security levels ensure maximum revenue and less downtime.

Our fleet outsourcing management system is at your disposal when you need it.

Enhanced asset management capabilities are yours thanks to our tried-and-tested systems and scope of work.

Our industry-leading online reporting system is at your fingertips.

Our shareholders’ power is yours + -
Bargaining advantage on prices of vehicles

Competitive maintenance costs

Industry-leading service and maintenance plans through LiquidCapital

Roadside assistance anywhere in South Africa

Unparalleled auction and disposal systems through Imperial Holdings

Innovation + -
We give an annual innovation advice presentation to keep you abreast of developments in the fleet industry.

Continuous improvement + -
We are committed to continuous improvement through our full life cycle and risk management approach:
Following our annual advice presentation, we will work with you to implement any innovations into your fleet’s strategic road map.

Optimisation of the fleet + -
Value added services – our experience and relationships with government and private sector customers allow us to provide simplified, cost-effective solutions through a modular, turnkey approach.

We aim to be a trusted adviser to you on all fleet matters.

Vehicle monitoring and tracking + -
Vehicle tracking, use and abuse through sophisticated systems:
These interfaces allows us to track the vehicle and provide individual driver behaviour.

An optional in-cab driver behaviour indicator (DBI) provides real-time driver feedback to improve safer and efficient driving.