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We are Management Experts

We are Management Experts

Our team offers a plethora of fleet management services helping to reduce the risks and costs of your fleet, while boosting operational efficiency.

Our key report management tools + -

Our reporting is jacked up to give you all the information you need to manage your fleet operation better. We analyse patterns and trends to give you the data you need, when you need it.

Movement report

Vehicle log report

Utilisation report

Area speed violation report

Speed violation report

Full usage report

Vehicle trip report

Driver license report

Tollgate visit report

Driver performance report

Working hours report

Vehicle maintenance report

Our key management services + -
Operational control and productivity
Vehicle movement and recording

Route and area management


Driver recognition

Driver behaviour
Risk and behaviour management

Mobile asset management
Hour/distance meter

Maintenance scheduling

License renewals

Accident analysis

Safety and security
Remote/button SOS alarm

Mobile phone SOS alarm

Route and area management notification

Remote and tamper immobiliser

Power alarms

Unauthorised movements

Movement monitor

Accident detection

Border guard

Reduced CO₂ emissions
Fuel consumption

CO₂ emissions reporting

RPM and speed checking

Route monitor

Green Band driving