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We are different

We are different

We are different

We are different

We learn, respond and implement fast

We learn, respond and implement fast

1. We own the complete value chain + -

How well you buy:

We offer the best discounts through our dealerships.

How well you maintain:

We offer the largest dealer network and the largest contract maintenance and warranty provider in South Africa.

How well you operate your vehicle:

Thanks to our innovative fleet management tools and systems, we improve efficiency for our customers.

How effectively the vehicle is disposed of:

We have the largest network representing every brand. We offer the best residual values and get the best prices for vehicles.

2. We focus on your fleet’s efficiency + -

We don’t just do leasing, we provide a full fleet management service solution through our partnership with you.

Our clients get the maximum benefit because we work with multiple suppliers and funders.

We ensure vehicles are available when you need them.

We believe in open communication with our clients, funders and suppliers. We understand your business, so we can create more efficient solutions for your fleet. Employing tactics like reducing fleet count through availability and tapping into the larger Imperial group of companies help us to boost your fleet’s efficiency.

3. 58Fleet is part of Motus + -

We are backed by South Africa's leading automotive group with a track record of mobility excellence of more than 70 years.

4. 58SLAM + -

We are the first and only fleet company to have an online, interactive, real-time platform with advanced reporting.