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We’re doing our part to flatten the COVID-19 curve!

58Fleet fully supports the governments of the countries in which we operate in their efforts to contain COVID-19. In line with lifted restrictions we are open and operating with extreme caution. We are partaking in social distancing and screening to keep South Africa safe.

Our first priority is the health and safety of our people, our customers and all our stakeholders, including our extended value chain. We are proactively monitoring the guidance from health authorities and have well developed business continuity plans in place for dealing with such events. We believe we have the teams, the resources and the experience to navigate through this difficult time.

58Fleet is formidable

31 Countries
1. We have REACH

We have a widespread industry footprint in 31 countries.

Negotiating Power
2. We have SCALE

You have prime negotiating power through our shareholders.

Continuous Improvement

Our fleet management systems constantly evolve to suit your needs.

Mature Business Processes

We have years of know-how and industry experience.

Majority Black-Owned
5. We are 51% BLACK OWNED

We are a majority black-owned South African fleet company.

We Connect. You Gain.

Our Clients