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We lead

We lead

We lead

We lead

Our Core Values Are Linked to Our Name

Our Core Values Are Linked to Our Name

At 58Fleet we lead the pack in fleet management services. We have a clear mission and vision that guides us as we guide our customers.

We live by our five core values. In fact, we are so committed to them that they form part of our name. 

We are:





These five pillars make up our approach to superlative fleet management. Not only do we bear the name of the 58 navigational stars in the sky – our name also contains our five core values and the number eight.

The number eight has no beginning and no end, it exists in a continual state of flux. We too are in perpetual motion – ever evolving to offer the best solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We aim to solidify our reputation as a world-class fleet company through the capabilities and scope of our shareholders. We strive to use cutting-edge innovation and technology to deliver solutions that suit each client.

We constantly aim to develop our team to take full ownership of our clients’ business and its efficiency. We are passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations and we believe in fostering long-term relationships that will benefit clients and shareholders alike.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To enable our clients to be more successful by managing their individual fleet needs in a long-term, evolving partnership. We are committed to providing our clients with tangible results and an exceptional customer experience.

We’ve Got the Goods

We’ve Got the Goods

We work in in a variety of segments, with a full product offering across a range of vehicle types.

Logistics management


Fast food


Light to heavy industrial vehicles

Medium commercial vehicles

Passenger vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Full maintenance leases

Managed maintenance

Operating rentals

Short-term rentals

Sale and leaseback

Preventative maintenance including tyres

Windscreens and windows

Vehicle accessories

Tollgate regulation

Fuel purchasing and management – we build key partnerships with leading fuel suppliers to benefit you

Licensing and registration

Fleet cleaning

Breakdown and accident assistance

We Pack a Punch

We Pack a Punch

Our shareholders give us clout and negotiating power. We have the backing of their immense scope and networks. Imperial Holdings, Southern Palace Group and Lereko help us to be impactful within the South African landscape because we know how to use these relationships to benefit our clients.

Our Abilities Benefit You

Our Abilities Benefit You

The Biggest Network

We have access to the biggest dealer network in South Africa – over 200 and counting.

The Best Plans

We offer the biggest maintenance and service plan provider through our sister company, LiquidCapital.

A Massive Team

You gain access to over 51 000 team members serving customers from more than 1200 locations in 31 countries and five continents.

Huge Revenue

Our revenue is more than R110 billion.

The Right Segments

We constantly extend carefully chosen segments within the logistic and vehicle chains.

Solid Partnerships

Through key partnerships with top financial institutions: MFC (Nedbank), Standard Bank and WesBank, we add value for our clients.

Maintenance – a call away

You gain access to maintenance authorisations via our call centres at LiquidCapital.

Always On

Our call centre operates 24/7.