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Cookie Policy

  1. Purpose

    This policy describes how cookies are used on the 58Fleet website.

  2. Scope

    This policy applies to the 58Fleet Information Officer and the developers of the 58Fleet website.

  3. Glossary of terms

    Unless inconsistent with the context, the words and expressions in the policy (and procedures, standards and guidelines supporting the policy) have the meanings assigned to them in the 58Fleet Glossary of Terms.

  4. 58Fleet Cookie Policy

    1. 58Fleet:

      1. uses cookies on the 58Fleet website;
      2. uses essential cookies for the operation of the 58Fleet website that are, by default, set to indicate consent by the user, which consent can be denied by the user by selecting “NO” in a “Cookie Table” displayed
        to the user;
      3. deletes the information gathered by the essential cookies immediately at the end of a browser session on the 58Fleet website;
      4. subject to 4.1.2, requests users of the 58Fleet website, to grant, by an affirmative action, specific, informed and unambiguous consent, before using cookies on the users device or collecting and storing
        information about the user; and
      5. is transparent about the types of cookies stored and the periods that the information will be stored.
  5. Enquiries

    Enquires about this policy can be directed to the 58Fleet Information Officer at

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